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Monday, 11 July 2011

2330 level 3 unit 1 questions

2330 level 3 revision

unit 1 application for health and safety
the health and safety at work act sets a framework stating how:
a) employers must safeguard the health and safety of there employees
b) employees can claim compensation for accidents at work
c ) to work in dangerous situations without using personal protective equipment
d ) employerscan reduce their responsibilitys for health and safety

when personal protective equipment ( PPE) is provided by an employer it is the responsibility of the employee to:
a) report damaged ppe to the health and safety executive
b) inspect ppe before and after use
c) wear damaged ppe if replacements are not available
d) pay for repairs to damaged ppe

a sign displaying a white pictogram on a circular blue background is a
a) safety sign
b) mandatory sign
c ) warning sign
d ) prohibition sign

a person who represents other workers on safety matters in an organisation is called a:
a) safety officer
b) safety representative
c) health care representive
d) health and safety officer

accidents in the workplace can be reduced by providing
a) more first aid centres
b) clearly marked exit signs
c) safety education and publicity
d) more fire extinguishers
carrying out a survey of the workplaceand preparing a report on potential health hazards is called a:
a) risk survey procedure
b) risk assessment procedure
c) health procedure assessment
d) health survey procedure
development of new technology in the electro technical industry will require:
a) a need for continual retraining
b) a need to employ younger staff
c) employees to move into less skilled jobs
d) employees to prepare for redundancy

the term that is used to describre the satisfactory performance of equipment is:
a) performs well at all times
b) fit and performs for the guarantee period
c) fit for purpose intended
d) performs without maintenance

a permit to work procedure must be issued by
a) a qualified first aider
b) the health and safety executive
c) a suitable responsible person
d) the safety commitee

employees should not wear ties or loose clothing when working :
a) in any part of a factory
b) in confined spaces
c) with toxic materials
d) with rotating machinery

to provent the risk of electric shock when working on an electric motor, the motor should be isolated from the supply by:
a) opening and locking off the isolator
b) pressing the emergency stop button
c) pressing the stop button on the starter
d) disconnecting the whole installation from the supply

a colleague receives an electric shock which results in unconsciousness. the first action to be taken is to:
a) shake the person by the arm
b) walk and find the first aid officer
c) dial 999 for an ambulance
d) apply resuscitation techniques

a gas which is heavier than air and can cause an oxygen deficiency in confined spaces leading to asphyxiation is:
a) nitrogen
b) methane
c) hydrogen
d) helium

a fault occurring on equipment in the work place with the potential of causing harm to employees is termed:
a) a hazardous malfuction
b) an industrial malfunction
c) a maintenance fault
d) a workplace danger

this page in a work in progress more questions to follow shortly, in the meantime you might like to check out the following link which covers all the key points required to pass the 2330 level 3 exam

unit 1 applying health and safety procedures and electrical principles,

unit 2 installation ( buildings and structures) inspection and testing and commissioning,

unit 3 fault diagnosis and rectification.

there are sample questions with answers for you to practice ready for your exam.

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